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How To Remove Pet Stains

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Whether you have a cat or a dog, you are bound to run into some sort of pet stain. Whether it be muddy paws on the carpet, a bathroom break in the corner, or vomit on the couch. In addition to pet stains making your home unsightly, you might also have odor issues. Are you the one in the house that can smell it while others can’t? It is very common for one person in the home to be more sensitive to pet odors than others.
There are many products on the market for pets stains, and a million DIY pet stain remover recipes. However these aren’t always effective. In fact many of these DIY pet stain removal recipes can actually do more harm than good and make your problems worse.
Some of the issues you might be facing after using a DIY Pet Stain Remover Recipe may include any of the following issues:
  • Pet still going to the bathroom on the carpet
  • Smell returning after a few days
  • Residue left behind in carpet
  • Slimy or greasy texture to carpet
  • Cleaned stains come back after a few days
If you are tried of pet stains, you have probably come across some DIY recipes to remove pet stains. The bulk of these recipes include various mixtures using vinegar, baking soda or laundry detergent. None of these should be applied to carpet.
Pet Stains Vinegar
  • Vinegar to Remove Pet Stains – Vinegar is hands down, the WORST thing you can use to try to remove pet stains. Vinegar has an acidic base. Urine has an acidic base. Because of this, the two share similar properties and odors. Pets urinate based on instinct. When a dog goes to the bathroom outside, there is a lot of sniffing going on. Your dog is sniffing to find the spot where they have gone before. Typically, once your dog finds that scent, they will then go again in that spot. In the event they smell odor from another dog or animal, they will then mark that spot. If you are using vinegar in your carpet, your dog will either think that the acidic base is where they should be going to the bathroom, OR mark the area to show dominance. Even the Humane Society recognizes vinegar should not be used to clean pet stains. Here is an excerpt from the Humane Society website in regards to cleaning pet stains with Vinegar:
  • Baking Soda To Remove Pet Stains – Baking Soda serves a lot of great purposes, but removing pet stains and odors in the carpet is not one of them. First of all, Baking Soda will NOT remove odors. It make mask them briefly and make your home smell like a freshly cleaned baby, but the pet urine smell will be back. Odor issues are cause when urine gets into the padding. Sprinkling Baking Soda on the top of your carpet does nothing to kill the odor causing bacteria. Secondly, baking Soda can damage your carpet cleaner or vacuum. The tiny particles can easily fill and clog your vacuum filter and ruin the machine. If you have tried to use Baking Soda, or any powder on your carpet for that matter, after you clean, take a look at the return canister. The tiny Baking Soda particles likely left a film on the  interior casing of the canister. Next, take the filter out and give it a little shake. You’ll see the plumes of Baking Soda that were not able to get out of the filter through suction. If you use a vacuum with a bag, give it a swat and watch a cloud of dust poof out. That’s just the issues you can have with your vacuum cleaner, now imagine what’s being left behind in your carpet. Tiny particles will be left behind in the fibers. If you are using the Baking Soda with a liquid, the mixture can clump up and clog your carpet pores. Queen Vacuum Small Appliance and Home Care Center makes note of issues with Baking Soda affecting not just the surface, but below the carpet as well.
  • Laundry Detergents And Soaps To Remove Pet Stains – If you are using Laundry Detergents and Soaps to clean carpet stains, you are only going to damage your carpet, and quite possible make stains worse. The first issue is the residue left behind from soap. The residue from soap can leave your carpet fibers feeling greasy. This also clogs your carpet fibers, trapping any dirt or residue inside of them. The soap also travels downward and can eventually end up in the padding. As it clogs the padding, your carpet cleaning machine is not able to remove the residue. Once the carpet is dry, and as the humidity changes through the seasons, that trapped soap can eventually bring the stain to the surface. This is often the cause of reappearing stains in carpet. If you cleaned and the stain went away, but came back days later, you were likely using a soap based cleaner. As far as the residue left behind, after the carpet has dried completely, run your carpet cleaning machine with just water in it. As you go over the carpet, you will see foaming in your machine – even using just straight water. This is because soap leaves behind so much residue it can not be removed from the carpet no matter how powerful your carpet cleaning machine’s suction is. Soap based cleaners work in a manner to attract dirt and residue. What may happen is as you are cleaning, the soap can attract any dirt or dust below the surface to pull towards that stain. In the process, as you try to remove the stain, you can spread the stain, making it even worse than when you started the cleaning project. Here is an example of what a soap based cleaner can do to your carpet:
DIY Pet Stain Remover
Laundry Detergent used to clean pet stains. Rather than remove the stains, the Laundry Detergent pulled dirt and residue from below the carpet surface and spread the stains in the pattern they were cleaned with.
So now you might be wondering, “What can I do to remove pet stains?” Removing pet stains and odors can be done quite simply by using the right cleaner. Genesis 950 is the best pet stain remover for carpet and upholstery because it is free of vinegar and soaps.

What is Genesis 950


remove pet stains from carpet
Genesis 950 All Purpose Cleaner
Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner. A surfactant works a little different that traditional cleaners. While soap works in a manner to attract dirt, a surfactant actually works to break down the bonds of stains causing them to lose adherence to the surface they have attached too. Sold in concentrate form, a little bit of Genesis 950 goes a long way. For it to work properly, all you need to do is add water, making it the easiest DIY Recipe for pet stains you will find. When water is added to Genesis 950, the solution penetrates the stain, causing it to lose adherence and break free from the surface it has adhered to. But it doesn’t just remove stains, it also kills bacteria that creates odor issues. It is the perfect all in one cleaner for pet stains and pet odors.

How To Use Genesis 950

Genesis 950 can be used as a spot cleaner or as a carpet cleaning solution in any carpet cleaning machine.  If used as a spot cleaner, the most effective mixing ratio is 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water. Simply put the solution in a spray bottle and spray the stained area. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes. This gives the solution time to break down the stains. After a few minutes have elapsed, wipe up the stain. After the stain has been remove, clean the area with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any excess solution or excess residue from the stain. 
carpet cleaner pet stains
In this example, pet vomit is removed from a wool rug using Genesis 950 as a spot cleaner
If your issue is pet odor or very large pet stains, then the most effective way to use Genesis 950 is in a carpet cleaning machine. If your machine has one compartment for solution and water to be mixed together, again use the ratio of 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water. This is the most effective ratio for tough stains. If your machine has 1 compartment for solution and 1 for water, simply fill the solution container up with Genesis 950 and the water tank with water.
When cleaning carpet with Genesis 950, simply go over the carpet nice and slow. This allows the solution to get into the fibers and the padding. When odor is an issue, it is because the urine has seeped into the padding. If you do not get the padding clean that odor will not be removed. If the odor is not removed, you pet is likely to continue going to the bathroom in that spot. This is not a training issue, it is an instinctual behavior. After you have thoroughly gone over the carpet, let the mixture sit for about 30 to 45 minutes. This gives the mixture time to saturate and break down the stains. After that time has elapsed, fill your carpet cleaning solution tank with ONLY water. Slowly go over the entire carpet. This will flush out all the residue that has been broken down within the carpet. If your return water comes back soap, it is a result of Genesis 950 breaking down any residue left behind from previously used soap based cleaner. If your water comes back black or dark brown in color, it means the Genesis 950 has broken down all the dust and dirt buried in your carpet, as well as the pet stains. If the water is very dark, continue to rinse until the return water appears clear. This may take several times in the event you have not used Genesis 950 before. Upon completion allow the carpet to dry. Once dry you will not only notice the stains and odors have been removed, but you will feel the texture of your carpet has been changed. By clearing dirt, dust and residue out of the pores, Genesis 950 will leave your carpet soft, plush and vibrant.
Here are some examples of pet stains cleaned with Genesis 950:
carpet pet stains removerpet stain carpet cleaner
remove carpet pet stains
best carpet cleaner pet stains


In addition to removing pet stains and odors, Genesis 950 is a green cleaner. it does not contain any harmful chemicals, making it safe for you, your family, your pets and the environment. If you are tired of pet stains and odor, Genesis 950 is the best pet stain remover you will use. Forget those DIY pet stain remover recipes that can damage your carpet.

Remove Pet Stains and Odors

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Cats and dogs make great pets, but they can also make even bigger messes. Pet urine stains and smells can destroy fabrics and furniture. There are several cleaners to remove stains and odors, but everyone who owns a pet know they don’t always work. Genesis 950 works with water to get into the stain. When absorbed by the stain, the mixture of Genesis 950 and water actually works to alter the stain’s composition and break the structural bond of the stain. Once the bond is broken, the stain can be lifted and removed. Only by breaking the bond of the stain will you remove both the actual stain and the smell. If you do not do this, you are just masking it. Genesis 950 will break the bonds of stains and remove both the stain AND the smell. In addition, Genesis 950 is a deodorizer and it also will kill any germs or bacteria associated with the stain. But the best part is Genesis 950 does not have the harsh toxins or chemicals that other household cleaners have. So it won’t harm your carpet, your pet . . . or the environment.

1. Clean stained area (furniture, carpet or rug) of any loose debris.

2. In a bucket, mix 1/3 part Genesis 950 to 2/3 parts warm water

3. Using a sponge, absorb the mixture of Genesis 950 and water

4. Squeeze excess mixture out of the sponge

5. With the sponge, wipe down any stained or dirtied area of the furniture, carpet or rug – do not wipe in a scrubbing manner, just gently wipe and let moisture from sponge absorb into the stain

6. Let the area you have wiped absorb the mixture – Genesis 950 is designed to work with water to soak into the stain and break the bonds of the stain, which then lift the stain from the surface. This is what will remove the stain and the smell.

7. After about 2 minutes the stain will be loosened and can be lifted from the surface

8. Empty your bucket and fill with straight water once you have cleaned all the dirty spots on your furniture, carpet or rug

9. Use a sponge with straight water to wipe off the cleaned areas

10. Allow furniture, carpet or rug to dry.

For larger stains, and a more professional look, clean your entire carpet using Genesis 950 in any steam cleaner. Use the amount recommended by the steam cleaner manufacturer as you would any other cleaner they suggest. Steam cleaning carpeting with Genesis 950 will make your entire carpet look and smell professionally cleaned. After cleaning the carpet using a steam cleaner and Genesis 950, be sure to go over the area when done with straight water. When you do this, you will see all the dirt and grim that the previously applied Genesis 950 took out of the carpet.
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Spring Cleaning – DIY Carpet Cleaning

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Best Carpet Cleaning SolutionBest Carpet Cleaning Shampoohow to clean carpet

Gallon2.5 Gallon and 5 Gallon sizes available. Order online at or Amazon.

With Spring around the corner, it’s time to starting thinking about cleaning. Over the winter months, you carpet has probably gone through a lot. Dirt and dust build up, spills and stains, and wet boots making their way through the home. Spring isn’t easy on carpets. Especially if you have dogs going outside and coming back in with muddy, wet paws. Well, you can clean your carpets better then the professionals, and for a fraction of the cost. All you need is Genesis 950, water and a steam cleaner.


The simplest solution is to have the entire carpet cleaned. While spot cleaning is great for removing small stains, a full thorough carpet cleaning brings out the best of your home. The first thing that comes to mind is hiring an outside carpet service. This is both time consuming and expensive. On top of that, you have to schedule your day around when they are coming.

Now, with Genesis 950, you no longer have to hire someone to make your home look professionally cleaned. Genesis 950 is one of the most powerful cleaners on the market, and one of the most reasonably priced.

One of the problems with professional cleaners is you do not know what they are cleaning with. Are there harsh toxins and chemicals? Is there bleach or ammonia? Is it worth the extra money for deodorizer? Is the cleaning solution they are using really helpful? Are they just saturating your carpet with water? There are a lot of questions you might have about hiring a cleaner. Likewise, there are just as many questions you might have about Genesis 950.

So what is Genesis 950? Genesis 950 is an all purpose cleaner and degreaser that works like no other product. First of all, it is safe. There are no bleaches or ammonia. There are no harsh toxins. It is a green cleaner and works with water to break the bonds of stains. Genesis 950, when mixed with water, is absorbed by stains. When the stain has absorbed the mixture, the bonds of that stain are broken and the stain is lifted. When this happens the stain can be removed with clean water. In the event that you are using Genesis 950 in a steam cleaner, you will be amazed at how it cleans and disgusted by what comes out of your carpet. When Genesis 950 is applied using a steam cleaner, the mixture of water and 950 adheres to every carpet fiber. As you complete the cleaning of the carpet, that mixture is hard at work pulling every bit of dirt and grime off the fibers.

When Genesis 950 is used in a steam cleaner, it is extremely important that after you have gone over the carpet, you empty the Genesis 950 and water mixture from the machine and refill it with clean water. Go over everything you have steam cleaned a second time. Be prepared to change your water several times when cleaning the carpet the second time. Genesis 950 will pull so much dirt and grime out of your carpet that the clean water in the machine will be black in a matter of moments.

You will literally be amazed at how well Genesis 950 works, and completely disgusted as to what you have pulled out of your carpet. Your carpets will look completely new. Don’t be surprised if your guests ask when you got new carpet. In addition to cleaning your carpet, Genesis 950 is a deodorizer. It will leave your carpet smelling fresh.

Another added bonus is Genesis 950 kills germs and bacteria.

Professional carpet cleaning can cost hundreds of dollars. In this economy, saving money is more important then ever. Genesis 950 will save you quite a bit of money in cleaning your carpets. Even if you don’t own a steam cleaner and need to rent one, the cost of cleaning your own carpets will still be less then that of hiring a professional. Genesis 950 comes in several sizes ranging from Pints to 5 gallon cubes. For steam cleaning, we recommend the 1 gallon size which costs $42.00 (shipping & handling included). With this size, you will be able to clean an average home. Genesis 950 is a concentrate and the suggested mixing ration is 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. You should even have some left over for after the holidays to clean up the spilled wine! (Yes, it does clean wine stains too.)

How To Remove Pet Stains From Carpet And Upholstery


Pet urine carpet

best carpet cleaner pet stainsEvery year, hundreds of puppies are given as gifts and then returned or placed in a shelter. There are many reasons for this. Puppies require attention, adjustment to scheduling and unexpected expenses. If you are planning on getting a puppy, these are some things to take into consideration, and they are things the pet owner can proactively adjust. In some cases, puppies are returned because of accidents in the house. This too is something that can be controlled by the owner. In many cases, improper cleaning techniques only promote a puppy going to the bathroom in the house. This is something that can be corrected by properly cleaning pet stains. When pet stains are cleaned correctly, it can actual prevent a new puppy from going to the bathroom in the house.

The first thing to understand about dogs is that they urinate based on instinct as well as training. With a new puppy, it is important to establish a schedule. Take the puppy outside frequently to encourage the dog to go to the bathroom outside. You may notice as you take the dog outside, he/she will do a lot of sniffing. This is natural instinct kicking in. Dogs tend to urinate in the same spot based on scent. They tend to urinate in the same spot they have previously gone. As you continue to take your new puppy outside, try to guide your dog to the spot where they have previously gone to the bathroom. As time progresses, you will be able to wait longer periods of time when taking your dog outside. Eventually, this pattern will help the dog identify the area outside as the area where they can go to the bathroom.

Naturally, with a puppy, there will be accidents in the house. This should be expected with a new puppy. While you can take measures to prevent such accidents, including frequent outdoor visits, or placing the puppy in an area where an accident would not impact the house, don’t be upset when an accident happens on the carpet or a rug.

puppy christmas giftWhen an accident occurs on the carpet, it is essential that you clean the area properly. As stated previously, dogs urinate based on instinct. If they smell the odor of urine, they are likely to continue to go to the bathroom in that spot until the urine scent is completely removed. If an accident occurs, the first time may very well be an accident. Sometimes this happens with puppies because they become overly excited, do not have bladder control, or have not grown accustomed to the potty schedule. This is to be expected. To prevent it from becoming a habit, clean the urine stain properly.


There are countless products available for pet stain removal. There are also endless online “recipes” and “DIY pet stain removers.” Unfortunately, many of these products are not as effective as they claim to be. And nearly EVERY Do It Yourself Pet Stain Remover offers the WORST thing you can possible do to clean pet stains. 
Vinegar pet Stain Remover


  • VINEGAR – Vinegar is the primary ingredient in almost every Do It Yourself pet stain remover recipe. As a natural cleaner, vinegar works to break down stains due to it’s acidic base. Distilled white vinegar has a pH level of 2.4. Vinegar has a distinct acidic smell. Dog urine has an acidic base with a pH level typically around 6.5. Like vinegar, pet urine has a distinct acidic odor. Because vinegar and urine share this acidic base, as well as an acidic odor, the puppy’s instincts will likely kick in. A dog can not differentiate the scent of vinegar from that of their urine. Because of this, if vinegar is used to clean pet stains from carpet, the dog will likely be encouraged to urinate in that spot. Vinegar is easily the WORST thing you can use to clean pet stains. Even the Human Society acknowledges that vinegar & ammonia based cleaners can encourage pets to continue urinating in the spot where they were applied.
  • ENZYMES –  Enzymatic cleaners dominate the aisles of every pet store. Many claim to be environmentally friendly, which is a factor in their popularity. However a closer look at the Safety Data Sheets can reveal the products contain some of the most dangerous chemicals such as 2-Butoxyethanol – a horrid chemical which can cause skeletal defects and weight loss in mammals. The last thing you want to do is place toxic chemicals on your carpet where it can affect your pets or your children. Aside from the health risks of some enzymes, there is also a specific science to the way enzymes work. Through the process, the idea is that an enzyme will interact with urine to promote that is breaks down. However for enzymes to work correctly, a lot of factors need to be just right. Temperature, acidity of the urine, age of the enzymes and the diet of the dog are just a few factors that can prevent enzymes from working correctly. Often, people find that the enzymes may appear to have worked, only to find that in a few days either the stain reappears or the odor becomes overwhelming. This is often as a result of proteins being broken down and settling back into the carpet, or the enzyme not actually having the power to clean into the padding of the carpet. 
  • HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS – In line with the DIY pet stain remover recipes are those that call for various household cleaners. Many homemade pet stain removal recipes call for laundry detergent or dish soap. No! Just don’t do it! Soap based cleaners work on the principal of attraction. Dirt, dust and other staining agents, including urine, are pulled toward the soap. When used in carpet, as the soap travels downward, it takes the stains with it. When this happens, what might have been a simple surface stain now becomes embedded in the padding. As you rinse, you might notice the surface becomes clean, but in time, everything that has seeped into the padding will resurface. This then results in “phantom stains” that come back after you have cleaned the area. There are several other problems soap based cleaners present. They can clog the pores of carpet, making the carpet feel rigid. Soap also does not have the power to kill the odor – especially if it seeps downward into the padding. Again, you are only intensifying the urge for your new puppy to urinate in that spot again. Other household cleaners present other problems. Some can actually spread the stain, leaving a grayish residue on the surface of light colored carpets. Oxidizing agents can cause discoloration to carpets. When a carpet becomes discolored, this can not be easily reversed.


They key to preventing your puppy from going to the bathroom in the house is proper cleaning. because dogs are drawn to urinate in spots where they have previously gone, it is imperative to not just remove the visible stain, but also to completely remove the urine odor. 
pet urine in carpet
Genesis 950 All Purpose Cleaner
Genesis 950 is a green, all purpose surfactant based cleaner. Instead of using soaps or hazardous chemicals, Genesis 950 relies on water as the key ingredient. Sold in concentrated form, water is added upon use. When Genesis 950 and water interact with a stain, Genesis 950 breaks down the bonds of a stain. Once the bonds of a stain are broken, the stain becomes water soluble. Solubility allows for the stain to lose adherence and be flushed from the surface. In the event that pet urine has seeped into the padding, Genesis 950 can be used in a carpet cleaning machine to effectively break down any odor causing stains in the padding. In addition to breaking down and removing stains, Genesis 950 also has the power to kill odor causing bacteria. As the odor is removed, the likelihood of your dog continuing to urinate on the carpet is reduced.
There are two methods for removing pet stains with Genesis 950. The first is by spot cleaning. Spot cleaning is most suitable for surface stains. These types of stains include when the accident is number 2 or if your puppy got sick on the carpet. To spot clean these stains, use Genesis 950 in a spray bottle mixed with water. The recommended ratio is 1/3 part Genesis 950 to 2/3 parts water. This recommendation works great for cleaning multiple messes from pet stains to kitchen cleaning. Keeping a spray bottle with this ratio in the cleaning cabinet makes you ready for any situation. 

Spot cleaning with Genesis 950 is easy. Simply spray the solution mixed with water on the stain. Be sure to allow the stain to be thoroughly saturated. Allow the solution to sit for several minutes. Once the stain has absorbed the solution, it should be able to be wiped away fairly easy. If after wiping up the stain, there is still some left behind, reapply the cleaning solution and let sit a little longer before wiping. Once the stain has been removed, blot with fresh water to rinse. When complete, let the area dry. 

pet stain remover carpetWhile spot cleaning is effective for surface stains, it is NOT an acceptable means to clean pet urine. Pet urine, being a liquid, travels down ward. Often, it ends up in the padding, which because of it’s consistency, absorbs liquid such as urine, like a sponge. When urine odor is an issue, spot cleaning the surface will NOT remove the urine in the padding. Spraying deodorizes on the area will also not have any impact on the padding. As long as that urine odor is in the padding, the likelihood of your dog peeing there will remain very high. To properly remove pet urine and pet urine odor from carpet, it MUST be done with a machine. 
A carpet cleaning machine allows for solution to be distributed below the carpet surface. As this is where the odor settles, this is very important. A carpet cleaning machine also has the power to extract the stains, sediment and urine that has been trapped in the padding. When Genesis 950 is used in a carpet cleaning machine, the solution gets into the padding, breaks down not only the pet stains, but also the dirt and dust. Be sure to thoroughly go over the entire carpet with the Genesis 950/water mixture, ensuring that the carpet is thoroughly saturated. Once the carpeted has been treated in this manner, allow it to sit for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. This will give the solution the time needed to properly break down stains and kill odor causing bacteria. After this time has elapsed, fill your carpet cleaning machine with ONLY fresh water. Slowly go over all areas that have been initially cleaned using the machine. Doing this will flush everything that has been broken down out of the carpet. At first, the return water may come back black. If so, continue to rinse until you can get the return water as clear as possible. Once you are satisfied with the rinsing, allow the carpet to dry. The results will be a clean, odor free carpet. You will likely also notice the carpet feels softer – this is in part to Genesis 950 being soap free.

If a new puppy is going to be part of your year, be prepared for a little bit of disruption. One of the biggest reasons puppies end up unwanted after the Holidays is due to training issues. However many of these issues can be resolved quite simply by properly training and cleaning up after your pet. If your puppy is having accidents in the house, it might not be because of the puppy. Instead, it might be because of how you are cleaning up after the puppy. Are you using products that encourage urination? Are you using products that do not remove the odor? Before you get rid of that puppy, try getting rid of the cleaning products you are using. Keeping your puppy and your family happy might be as simple as finding the right way to remove pet stains. 

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